Hello, I'm Ramit Mitra.

I'm a Technical Account Manager and a Full Stack Developer.

Working as Technical Account Manager in Platform.sh. Past: Full Stack Developer at Tata Consultancy Services, working in ReactJS, NodeJS and PHP in the LifeScience domain.

Here's how I can help you

Backend development

I set the foundation for long term scalability, performance and predictability. Using the latest tools and methodologies. I continuously produce high-quality code that is easy to maintain and scale. In a nutshell, I'm your backend.

Frontend development

Frontend development is about building the best experience for your customers. Modern frontends require in-depth knowledge of a lot of moving parts (tools, build process, optimization, etc). Allow me to worry about all the complexities of your project, and provide you with the most beautiful experience possible for your customers.


Sometimes you just want to Netflix and chill, but other times you want to deliver software at high velocity to mercilessly beat down your competition. Yeah, I'm the guy that sets up your infrastructure and deployment processes for fun and um well profit.

System architecture

The software doesn't exist in a vacuum It needs a database, firewalls, electro-conspirators and many other components that form the bigger picture. You need someone that knows what the heck they're talking about here.

API development

It sounds technical and it is. Your customers (right) love you more if you give them a way to interact with your software with their software. Whether it's REST, GraphQL or SOAP, look no further can make this happen.

Mobile APP development

If it's the selfie generation that you are targeting, you'd better have a mobile application in place that delivers that instant Dopamine hit. I use React Native to cost-effectively build fast mobile apps for Android and iOS.

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Personal Projects & Community Contributions

Below are some of my personal projects and community contributions.

Picture of Minimalist News
May 7th, 2020

Minimalist News

Minimalist News - a simple news app that doesn't store any data on your device and does not pry on your privacy. Please note, this app only works when you are connected to the internet. An active internet connection is needed for all features to work. Made for the Indian audience. Built using Ionic + Angular News aggregation provided by NewsAPI

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Picture of Drupal - PageCSS
July 16th, 2019

Drupal - PageCSS

PageCSS is a tiny utility module for Drupal 8 that allows you to define CSS styles for an URL.

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Picture of Drupal - Markdown Exporter
May 20th, 2019

Drupal - Markdown Exporter

The purpose of this module is to export Drupal nodes in the form of Markdown files. The principal objective behind this module to facilitate the JAMStack based architecture where decoupling of Drupal (from it's presentation layer) is required.

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Picture of Jenkins LTS Docker in Docker Image
March 13th, 2019

Jenkins LTS Docker in Docker Image

Jenkins LTS with Docker CE 18 preinstalled as a single DinD container. Readily available DinD container for Jenkins LTS. The Docker version available with this version is CE 18.06.1 (docker-18.06.1-ce). This container is useful if you want to use Jenkins to use docker service to build or, deploy projects to docker swarm, etc.

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Picture of Stash Master - Docker Container
August 16th, 2018

Stash Master - Docker Container

Docker image is available for the standard version of this project and can be found at the docker hub.

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Picture of Stash Master
August 16th, 2018

Stash Master

StashMaster allows you to create and host git repositories, create/manage users & access permission(s). This project has been designed with minimal dependencies and with an objective to be usable on multiple platforms(like local system, local/team server, cloud infrastructure and docker). A git server with a repository viewer to host your repositories. Supports user management and access management. StashMaster is free and open-source software, written in NodeJS, and powered by ExpressJS, AngularJS, HTML5 & Bootstrap4.

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Picture of Code Watchdog
May 17th, 2018

Code Watchdog

An automated tool to look for changes in your code-base and execute SCA tools on it.

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